Cost to Value for Knox County Board of REALTORS® aka KCBR Affiliate Membership

It was calculated that on the average there are about 1400 buyers and sellers represented each year in Knox County. Which means there are approximately 2800 people that may need referrals that our members can share if you a part of the Knox County Board of Realtors.

We are currently working on a membership booklet that will provide a directory of current membership with the KCBR for members to use as a tool when referring clients etc.

As an Affiliate member you are joining a 100 plus trade association comprised of REALTORS®, appraisers, lenders, title agencies, home service companies, and other related professionals that affords you the ability to be around other valued members at board sponsored events: general membership meetings, social gatherings etc.

Affiliate membership is not limited to the real estate industry. It can be a myriad of professional services from a nursing home/assisted living facility to lawn care providers. We welcome, and encourage all types of entrepreneurs to be a part of the KCBR.

Benefits of belonging:

  • Client base expansion
  • Networking Events
  • Committee Involvement
  • Community Involvement
  • Be supported by KCBR members
  • Your company profile will be on the board website, & the MLS directory